We process steels, stainless steels, aluminum, bronze, brass and plastics.

    Our machinery:

    > 14 Turning centers
    > 11 Milling centers
    > 1 Tangential adjustment
    > 1 Dynamometer for testing
    > 2 Three-dimensional measuring machines
    > 3 Automatic cutting-off / sawing machines
    > 7 Assembly islands with press and coders



    In the turning department we can meet the most varied requests, producing both samples and prototypes and medium-large series.

    We do indeed:

    1. Machining with precision numerical control machines; maximum turning diameter 750 mm; maximum diameter from bar 90 mm.
    2. Drilling, threading, high quality finishes, flat grinding.
    3. Management of heat treatments and surface protection and painting.
    4. Subcontracting and assembly material management.
    5. Consolidated collaboration with metal structures specialized in laser cutting, welding, calendering and other processes.
    6. Consultancy in the definition of a project and on the choice of materials and treatments.
    7. Control and sampling plans for production and certification of materials and treatments.



    The milling department, with our 3 - 5 working axis centers, with a maximum machining area of 3100x900x900mm, guarantees the execution of various various processes, optimizing times and tools.
    In the case of large series, and especially for small pieces, we are able to design multiple loading equipment that allow the simultaneous processing of multiple pieces, thus reducing production times and costs.
    We can dedicate a machining center to heavy export with large volumes of chipping.
    With our CAD / CAM software we have the possibility to prepare the programming of the machines directly from CAM, managing to deal with multiple and complex processes.

    Cable and Flexible Transmissions


    The rope department can carry out work for the most varied application areas.
    The experience developed in more than 40 years and the thousands of orders completed have in fact allowed us to have numerous solutions in the catalog that include:

    1. Terminals for ropes and cables.
    2. Tie rods for furniture.
    3. Covered ropes.
    4. Custom terminals.
    5. Carabiners for ropes.
    6. Design cables.
    7. Flexible transmissions.

    In addition to the design and direct execution, we can advise and follow each customer in customized processes according to his design.
    We boast many innovative accessories for contemporary furnishings, including carabiners for ropes, terminal elements for cables and ropes, as well as customized solutions to create railings, handrails and parapets, with minimal visual impact and great aesthetic value.








    Assembly islands


    We can accompany our customers from the design to the final assembly of the product.
    The assembly of pieces of our production allows us to optimize the definition of the measures and tolerances ensuring their coupling and above all functionality.
    We can manage all the details of a project or combine the pieces of our production with the small parts and other pieces of the customer for processing, also performing the surface treatments and offering further control.
    Our 7 islands arranged in the various departments are in fact all designed and defined to create an organized and autonomous space with equipment, templates and / or mounting supports, presses, coders and control instruments.



    We create and define customized solutions based on customer needs.
    The staff of our technical office is always available for advice both in the design and execution phase of each project, is equipped for the identification and design of new components and for the verification of the desired characteristics.
    We produce samples and prototypes both from scratch and by adapting or using our standard items, thus allowing the customer to check dimensions and functionality both in the phase prior to production and in the product industrialization phase.

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